VIP help


This is the scoretable of your group. You can see your country in the middle of the list, 10 countries before and 10 countries after you (except of course, if there are not so many countries before or after yours).

You can change that default 10-10 setting: below this list you can set how many countries you want to see around yourself. This number must be between 1-200. You can confirm this change by clicking on the "This many" button.

  1. This is your own scorelist (see below in the VIP section).
  2. Enter the id you would like to see in, or delete from your own list.
  3. This column shows the distance from your country. If your country has the "wanderer" personality, you can also see what the distance would be without this personality.
  4. If you, or any of your allies has cast a successful Crystal Ball spell on the given country, its race will be shown here. You can also see the country's personality by taking the mouse over the country name.
  5. If you had an encounter with the given country, your success rate is shown here: success of military, magical and thievery actions. To find out the exact percentages, move the mouse over the small boxes. If you have any fresh information about the given country, a blue "I" (for Info) will be shown in the left side of the Info box. Clicking on this will give you all the information that is available to you at the moment. A white "I" shows if you have any previously saved crystal balls or buliding-lists of the country.

You can change how the list is sorted by clicking on the "Rank", "Id", or "Fame" headers.

If you click on a country's Id, the game will remember it. When you go to the Wizardry, War or Underworld sections, it will automatically enter that Id as the target.

The list also shows each country's status and their relation with you. The following table explains how:

Your country
Your ally
Non-aggression pact
At war
Attackable countries
Countries under protection
Where you see a [V] sign before the country's name, it means the country is on vacation and cannot be attacked. (See Settings help)

Every new or just leveled country is under protection in the first 72 hours. If the new country is not identified during this 72-hour period, the country will not evolve, but stay under protection.

If there is a (2) sign or a higher number after a country's name, it means that the given country has finished the game, and has restarted. The number shows how many times the country has started from the 5th level. This has an advantage: that country can have this many personalities at the same time. (See Level help and Personalities help.)


Your country's value depends on the size of its territory, buildings and the size of the population.
Barren land30 points
Area under construction36 points
Building45 points
Every 5 people *1 point
* Up to 70 times the size of your country. Value of people above this number is zero.

For VIP members...

  • VIP members have 2 scoretables. The upper one is your own ranking list; you decide who you want to see, this makes following the development of selected countries a lot easier. These countries can be your allies, your enemies or anyone you like. If you want to add somebody to this list just copy its id and click on the "add" button. This list will be deleted when you level up.

  • On the top level (see1/A help) countries not in an alliance cannot be attacked, and are not even listed in the scoretable. VIP members can add these countries to their own scoretable to keep an eye on them.

  • The default 10-10 countries you see around yourself can be changed in the settings menu.

  • If you or your alliance has information about a country an [INFO] sign will appear next to the given country's name. When you click that sign, you will find all the information you have: Crystal ball, building list, allies' list.

  • If you already had an encounter with a country, you can see your success rate next to the country's name: military, magical, thievery actions.

  • If you or one of your allies has made a crystal ball of a country, you can see its race and personality in the scoretable. Keep in mind that this data is just informative, because if the country is restarted, its race and personality can be changed.

  • If you or one of your allies has an open a portal to a country, you will see a [P] sign before the country's name.

  • You can add your own actions to the right side of the score table: you define what in-game action to add, so you can access that action with just a single click.
You can read more about the benefits of VIP membership in the VIP help.