VIP help


This menu lets you change some of the security settings, and game features to suit your needs.

E-mail notifications

A useful feature of the game is event and e-mail notification. If turned on, we send you an e-mail whenever someone sends you a message within the game, or something important happens to your country.

Changing the username, password and your e-mail address

Changing your username and password is self-explanatory, you need to log in with the new data after changing any one of them.

To change your e-mail address, just enter your new address. For security reasons, the address is not changed immediately, but is put on a 1-month hold. The address will be automatically changed after this 1-month period, if the request is not cancelled. The request can be cancelled from the Main menu.

NOTE: You are not allowed to give out your login details to anyone. It is your own responsibility to keep your login details safe and secure and to choose a password that is not easy to guess.

Deleting your country

If you do not want to continue your game, and want to delete your country, you can do it from this page. You need to enter your password and e-mail address for verification. If you do not know what your e-mail address is, you cannot delete the country. This is a security procedure and cannot be overridden.

Important! Once a country is deleted, there is no way to bring it back if you change your mind later!


If you cannot play with your country for a while, and want to keep it safe, just send it to vacation. When your country is on vacation, nobody can attack it, not even by thieves or mages. Your country will not evolve while on vacation.

Important! The minimum length of vacation is 5 hours. During this time you cannot enter the game. Administrators of the game will not let you back in the game earlier than this 5 hours, so it is pointless to ask.

Even though the minimum time of vacation is only 5 hours, vacation mode is intended to be used for longer periods of time. For this reason, if you come back from vacation mode within 72 hours, the comeback will count as a military action, and you will not be able to go back on vacation for at least 12 hours.

Vacation mode can only be set if you did not do any attacks (military, magical or thievery) in the past 3 hours, you do not have any troops out (including both attacking and helping troops), your own magical and thievery strength is 100% (*), and you have enough vacation time. If your country does not meet the requirements, then by pressing the Vacation button, you are only marking your country for vacation. In this case, vacation will automatically start when your country meets all requirements, and the 5-hour minimum time will count from that time.

Vacation time is collected by actively playing. Each round played gives you one round of vacation time. Each round spent on vacation reduces this time. (Vacation time in the Anarchist groups in unlimited.)

To make Alliance attacks more calculable, if you do not return from vacation within 12 hours, you will only be able to come back after the normal 72 hours is up.

(*) Your "own magical and thievery strength" is almost identical to the normal magical and thievery strength. The two exceptions are that only your actions against others decrease it (not spells cast upon yourself), and your opponents cannot influence this. Only your own actions decrease these values.

Important! If an army is already on its way towards your country, going on vacation will not save you from the attack. Vacation mode only prevents further attacks from happening. Attacks already under way will proceed normally.

Important! Army units without proper accommodation will leave your country even if vacation mode is set! Any food, raw materials or weapons beyond the capacity of your stores will also be lost.

Important! If your country's territory is greater than the maximum land you can level with, then during Vacation your country's territory will decrease by 1 acre per round. This decrease will stop once you come back from vacation, you reach the maximum land for leveling, or get removed from the scoretable. If you have barren land, then barren land is taken first. If you do not have any barren land, then a random building is taken. (You do not lose land this way in the Anarchist groups.)

Important! If the country runs out of vacation time, it is automatically placed back into normal gameplay. We notify you about this 24 rounds in advance.