VIP help

 Short Guide

After registering and logging in, the Main menu displays the most important aspects of the country:

This table shows the current status of your country. You can read more about these data in the Main menu help.

What you do next, is up to you:

It is also your decision how much tax your people will pay (see Finance help), or:

in what order your buildings should work. (See Priority help).

To help defend your country, or gain new lands, you can create or join an alliance, and play on the same side with others:

(see Alliance help). Finding allies is not very difficult, you can use the Diplomacy menu for finding suitable allies (see Diplomacy help).

When attacking someone, you can choose different methods:

Other than regular tax, you can make occassional money in the game in several ways:

  • You can buy or sell goods on the market (see Market help),
  • You can sell your gems in the treasury (see Treasury help),
  • You can visit the page of our sponsors once a day (see Bonus help).

Sereval menus give information that are vital, or in some way very useful:

  • The Council page gives you detailed information about your country (see Council help),
  • The Events page shows you the important military events that happened to you, or your allies in the past 72 hours. (see Events help),
  • The Settings page lets you change your password, and your other preferences, and also lets you set Vacation mode in your country (see Settings help),
  • The Scoretable shows the countries around you (see Score help),
  • You can find a friend or opponent by their name or Id in the Search menu (see Search help),
  • and you can always find a link to the help of the current function at the bottom of the pages. (See General help.)

You can communicate with other players easily:

  • You can send others a message (see Messages help), or save the messages you received from others (see Notes help),
  • You can also take part in bigger conversations on the forum (see Forum help).