VIP help

Refer someone and receive VIP membership!

Why is this good for me?

To quickly get to the point, referring someone is good for you because you can get free VIP membership.

Why is it good for Queosia?

We normally spend about 10% of VIP membership payments on marketing, so we can provide you with a more stirring gaming environment by recruiting more and more new players. However, there are lots of people we cannot reach using conventional marketing methods. And this is where YOU come into the picture!

By referring friends, colleagues, visitors of your website, neighbors etc, you save us money. Of course, we could be happy about this, and just spend this on something, but we want to thank you for bringing us more players, so we give you the entire 10% after these people, the entire amount we would otherwise spend on marketing.

How do I get free VIP membership?

Every time someone you referred extends their VIP membership using credit card payment, you automatically receive 10% of their VIP rounds. Of course, this is a bonus, you are not taking any rounds away from them. So if they extend their membership by 672 rounds, you automatically receive 67 VIP rounds. If they extend their membership by 8760 rounds, you automatically receive 876 VIP rounds.

This is not a one-time extension, this is forever. If they play 3 years from now, and extend their membership, you receive the free VIP membership.

If you refer 10 people, who become and remain VIP members, you have yourself free, lifetime VIP membership! All you need to do, is get all your friends to join Queosia!

Can I spam?

Absolutely not! We have a zero-tolerancy policy against spamming, anyone caught spamming is removed from the affiliate program.

How do I refer someone?

We have left this to the very end. Go to the Community menu, and click on "How to place our banner on your website". On this page, you find an HTML code. You can place this code on your webpage, in your e-mail etc.

If it is a simple, short URL you are after, use the one in the middle of the code, the part that looks like this: "", with the "1" being your country id in Queosia. You need to use the number you find on the banner page.

When someone registers, they have the chance to enter their referral. They can either do that, or if you used the above URL, your id will automatically be saved, even if they leave the referral field blank. (In most cases people will not fill out the referral field, so you should give them the url that has your id in it.)

What else do I need to be aware of?

You are not allowed to refer your own country. If you refer yourself (a second, third etc. country), you will not get the commission.