VIP help

Winning a month's worth of VIP membership with the Alexa Toolbar

What is the Alexa Toolbar?

The Alexa Toolbar is an extension to Internet Explorer, that gives you some powerful features:
  • pop-up blocker
  • integrated search option
  • statistics on the web pages you visit
  • recommendations on webpages that might interest you
  • lots of other features
Click here for a full description of the Alexa Toolbar. (opens in a new window)

Why is it good for Queosia?

When someone uses the Alexa Toolbar (with over 10 million downloads, there are lots of people who use it), they send anonymous usage statistics to the Alexa website. Alexa uses these data to create website statistics, as well as a list of relevant websites for each site on the Internet.

When you play Queosia with a browser that has the Alexa Toolbar, you help us spread the word about the game. Our site will be listed in the Alexa directory, and will eventually show up as a recommendation on other sites that our players often visit. The more Queosia players use the toolbar, the more accurate our statistics will be. We are pretty confident, that accurate statistics will play a major role in gaining more and more players. More players mean a more competitive environment for you, so using the Alexa Toolbar will actually give you an even better gameplay!

How do I install the Alexa Toolbar?

To install the Alexa Toolbar, click here (new page opens in a new window), and follow the instructions. The Alexa Toolbar is free.

I installed the Alexa Toolbar, now how do I win? :)

Each day, when you log in to Queosia, using a browser with the Alexa Toolbar, you get a chance to win a month's worth of VIP membership. We pick a winner each week (every Monday). Each day counts, so if someone logs in each day, he has 7 times more chance to win than someone who logs in only once a week. (If you log in severel times a day, it still counts as one.)

Queosia automatically notices if you have the toolbar installed or not, so there is no need to notify us. Just install it, and continue playing as usual.

The winner is awarded 672 rounds of VIP membership (current membership extended by 672 rounds, if VIP membership is already active), and is notified within the game.

It is possible that the same person will win several times in a row, there is no exclusion from the draw. Both VIP members and regular members are automatically entered. If a VIP member wins, his or her VIP membership is extended.

This sounds great! Let me get started!

The sooner you start using the Alexa Toolbar, the more chance you have to win, so why not install it now? It only takes a few minutes and is completely free. Click here to start. New page opens in a new window.

Thank you for helping us spread the word, and letting more and more people know about Queosia!