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On all 4 levels of the Anarchist group, we have an extra game to provide even more entertainment: the "Bounty" game.

Protected countries

Each morning, the game chooses protected countries. This list is shown on the forum, and the countries also get marked in the scoretable with a blue [*] mark. If someone attacks these countries to conquer land from them, they may get bounties on their heads.

Wanted countries

You get a bounty by attacking protected countries. There are several levels of bounty, randing from small amounts to very high ones. The more protected countries you attack, the more the bounty will be placed on your country. To get the first bounty, you need to successfully attack 11 (10+1) protected countries.

Wanted countries are also listed each morning on the anarchist forum. The bounty on them is also listed. If you attack these countries for land, you get the land AND the bounty money.

Collecting the bounty on a country reduces the bounty on its head.

As you advance up the levels of the Anarchist group, the maximum amount of bounty rises. While the maximum on the 5th level is 10 million, on the 2nd level it is 40 million.

The bounty-hunter game is only available in the Anarchist groups. We will not introduce them in normal groups.