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Your country's economy greatly influences your people's mood. Taxes, donations contribute to your people's satisfactions or grumbles.


If you can afford donations, give some gold to your people for their faithfulness and loyalty. Its amount is up to you, but the more you give, the happier your people will be.

Your people will save 15% of all the money you give them. You can use these savings when you are in great need. (See Aid help.)

Important!Donations increase the mood of your civilians (see Mood help), because your people feel their leader esteems them. Don't forget this when your civilian mood starts to decrease. (Change of the tax rate does not immediately influences the mood.)

Setting the tax rate

Tax rate determines how much money you receive from your people. The higher the tax rate, the less happier your people will be, your civilian mood will start to decrease (see Mood help). The opposite is also true: the smaller the tax, the happier they will be. (Changing the tax rate does not immediately influence the mood, it has a long-term effect. To make immediate changes to your people's mood, give them donations.)


Everybody can get in difficult situations: get robbed, lose lots of land, or even lose an important ally at a critical moment.

To help overcome such situations, every country has a certain amount of aid. You can only access this money after 2 weeks in each group. What you use this money for is completely up to you, but we suggest you only touch it in real emergencies.
       You can read more about the aid, in the Aid help.


Only countries with the "Merchant" personality have this income. You can read more about this in the Personalities help.

Maintenance Fee of Buildings

When your territory becomes bigger than 600 acres, or you have leveled up from the 5th level, you must pay maintenance fee for your buildings. This money covers servicing expenses of the buildings. This is 10 gold for every building in each round. The table on the top of the Finance page shows you how much you have to pay.