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Scientific development plays a huge role in a country's life. While it does not directly count towards the value of a country, survival can greatly depend on it.

For development to happen, you need written knowledge. Your clerks can gather this knowledge, and write them on scrolls.

Every scroll has a price though: this price grows with the size of your country. It also takes time to write a scroll. Each scroll takes 20 rounds to write, you only get the ready scroll once this time is up. One library can write up to 100 scrolls at the same time.

To reach a certain level of development, you need a number of scrolls. This number is constant, it does not change with the size of the country. The higher level of development you would like to reach, the more scrolls you need.

Scrolls wear away in the daily use: the paper gets torn, the writing gets blury. The bigger your country is, the more scrolls wear away, and need to be replaced.

Important! Writing of the scrolls only advances if you have enough working libraries. If some libraries are not working (not enough people to operate them; or you lost them, demolished them etc.), only a portion of the writing will advance.

You can obtain scrolls in other ways too, not only by writing them in the libraries. You can also steal from other players (see Underworld help), or buy them on the market (see Market help).

Important! The bigger your country is, the more the scrolls will wear away. The rate of wearing away gets constant at 1000 acres, and so does the price of the scrolls. The price will not get more expensive after 1000 acres.

About the table

You can order your clerks to write scrolls, by entering the desired amount in the table. The setup of the table is as follows:

First is the name of the scientific area, then you see how many scrolls you already have of that type, scrolls currently being written, and finally the price of one scroll.

Below these numbers you see what this scientific area does, and what your current development level is. On the right, you can enter how many scrolls you would like to write. The number in parentheses shows how many you can write at the moment.
Below the table, you can see the current capacity of the libraries, how many scrolls they can start writing.

Areas of science

We will now describe the different areas of science you can find in the game and what they are good for. Normally, all areas have a maximum of 30%. There are exceptions though, see: Races help and Personalities help. For example, if your race is Gnome, you can reach a maximum of 50% in all areas. If you have more scrolls that are needed for a given maximum percentage, you will still not be able to achieve more than the maximum.

Training You can decrease the cost of military training with this science. You can read more about the actual training in the Military help.
Economy Increases the income you get from taxes. See Finance help for information on taxes.
Agriculture Increases grain production. Grain is produced on farms, see Construction help for more information.
Housing Increases the available place in houses, barracks, temples, inns and forts.
Mining Increases the production of your mines.
Military Strengthens your military units. This counts for both attack and defense.
Magic Increases the efficiency of your mages.
Thievery Increases the efficiency of your thieves.

Remember that the cost of writing the scrolls can be modified by your race (see Races help).


To reach a certain level of development, you need the following number of scrolls:

1%10 scrolls
2%30 scrolls
3%60 scrolls
4%100 scrolls
5%150 scrolls
6%210 scrolls
7%280 scrolls
8%360 scrolls
9%450 scrolls
10%550 scrolls
11%660 scrolls
12%780 scrolls
13%910 scrolls
14%1.050 scrolls
15%1.200 scrolls
16%1.360 scrolls
17%1.530 scrolls
18%1.710 scrolls
19%1.900 scrolls
20%2.100 scrolls
21%2.310 scrolls
22%2.530 scrolls
23%2.760 scrolls
24%3.000 scrolls
25%3.250 scrolls
26%3.510 scrolls
27%3.780 scrolls
28%4.060 scrolls
29%4.350 scrolls
30%4.650 scrolls
31%4.950 scrolls
32%5.250 scrolls
33%5.550 scrolls
34%5.850 scrolls
35%6.150 scrolls
36%6.450 scrolls
37%6.750 scrolls
38%7.050 scrolls
39%7.350 scrolls
40%7.650 scrolls
41%7.950 scrolls
42%8.250 scrolls
43%8.550 scrolls
44%8.850 scrolls
45%9.150 scrolls
46%9.450 scrolls
47%9.750 scrolls
48%10.050 scrolls
49%10.350 scrolls
50%10.650 scrolls
51%11.050 scrolls
52%11.450 scrolls
53%11.850 scrolls
54%12.250 scrolls
55%12.650 scrolls


Scrolls wear away every 19 rounds. The amount that is worn away depends on the size of your country, as follows:

0-200 acres:0%
201-400 acres:1%
401-600 acres:2%
601-800 acres:3%
801-1000 acres:4%
above 1000 acres5%