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Your country's individuality depends on lots of things, like your strategy, experience; your country's background, race and neighbourhood. Personalities offer you one more way to develop your country the way you like.

Unlike races, personalities only give you advantages. When you make your choice, think about your strategy, your country's race advantages and disadvantages. Personalities can make your country even stronger.

Every country can choose a personality. While it is not compulsory, we recommend you choose one when you see which way you would like to develop. Once you have made your choice, your selected personality can only be changed when you level up, or restart your country.

Countries that have completed the game and restart, have a small blue "2" (or a higher number) next to their names / (2) /. These countries can have two or more personalities at the same time. These personalities must be different.


Merchant Masters of gold. They can protect and circulate their money extremely well. Their enemies can only steal 50% less gold from them, than from others. Their money yields interest as well, depending on the number of banks and available money. One bank can handle up to 150.000 gold and the gold in bank yields an interest of 5% per round.
Thief The thieves of countries with this personality recover faster. +1% regeneration in every round.
Mage The mages of countries with this personality recover faster. +1% regeneration in every round.
Warrior In battles they get more land and more loot. In conquest they get +1% land, in pillage they get +10% loot.
General They have 1 more general who can lead one more troop to war or with the other generals combined, can make the troops even stronger.
Wanderer These countries can go long distances at great speed. Each country is 1 round closer to them, but the minimum distance stays 2 rounds.
Farmer Men of lands. Their mines and farms yield +10%.
Sage They write scrolls 10% cheaper and in their sciences the maximum value is 5% higher than normal, except for the area of housing, where no bonus is added.
Survivor They have extra vital force. Each magic and thievery attack against their men are 30% less effective.
Wagonmaster Wagonmasters can handle twice as many caravans as other people. (Please note that only VIP members have access to caravans. If you do not plan to become a VIP member, then this personality is of no use to you: two times zero is still zero. You can read more about VIP membership by clicking here.) You can use the two caravans to send goods to two diferent countries, or send both to the same place and reduce the losses on the way.
Architect The architect needs 20% less raw materials for all builgings, and he even works one round faster. He also has a very good eye for usable materials: when demolishing buildings, he can save 20% of the raw materials for future use.
Strategist The Strategist commands the troops in a way that avoids the destruction of the concored buildings, and saves the lives of many soldiers. When conquering land from opponents, no buildings are destroyed during the battle. Military losses during the battle are 30% lower.
Pedlar A man of the market. The pedlar can visit each market one extra time each day. He can also extend the availability of his market goods by 24 hours whenever the remaining time of the given goods is less that 3 hours. If the goods are on their way back, this extension can no longer be done. Each item can only be extended maximum 3 times.