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We use PayPal as our primary method for accepting online payments. PayPal lets you pay by either a credit card, or using your existing PayPal balance.

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Payment by credit card

You can use your credit card to purchase VIP membership, just like you do on many other web-pages. We have teamed up with PayPal, one of the biggest online payment processors, to provide a familiar, fast and secure payment method. If you have used PayPal before, the process will be the same as on other pages. If you have not used it before, you will find it very easy. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Using your existing PayPal balance

If you have money on your PayPal account, you can even use that, without needing a credit card. PayPal lets you receive payment from a number of sources: directly from another member, auctions, or you can even fund your account from a normal bank account (this does not work in all countries).

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

When paying with a credit card, you do not give us your card details. After choosing your payment, we redirect you to PayPal's secure server, where you may enter your card details. The details of your card never reach us, if you have any inqueries in the future, you only need to quote your transaction number, we ask for no card details.

Millions of people around the world use PayPal to handle their online payments, we believe that it is one of the most secure payment methods. Since it has been around for quite a while, many people are familiar with how it works, have been using it for their online businesses and trust the way it works.

For even more security, we suggest you keep in mind the following: you do not give us your card details. You only need to enter it on the payment page of PayPal. We will never ask for your card detaild, not within the game, not through e-mail, never. So if anyone asks you for the card details, never give it to them. Only enter them on the secure PayPal server. Card data entered there does not reach even us, and so is safe.

After payment, when does VIP membership become active, and how long does it last?

Following a successful payment, your VIP membership becomes active immediately. By the time you see the confirmation on the PayPal page, we have already updated your userdata in the game.

If your country is a VIP member at that time, the new VIP rounds get added to your existing membership, making sure VIP membership is continuous.

If your country is not a VIP member at the time (it has never been, or VIP membership has expired), membership starts from the moment of processing your payment. Your previous VIP settings immediately take place (if there were any).

What happens if I delete my country?

If you delete your country, remaining VIP membership is lost. We suggest you try to solve any problems you encounter in the game, no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, the game offers lots of possibilities for this.

Refund policy

We provide a free, one-week period for everyone to try the benefits of VIP membership. You can request this from within the game, after two weeks of gameplay.

When paying by credit card, we also provide a 7-day money-back guarantee. If, within 7 days of payment, you decide that you do not like the game, and do not wish to play, we will refund your payment in full.
        We can only provide this, if you deleted all your countries within our game, and sent us a written declaration, that you will never play with us again. Only payments made in the past 7 days can be refunded. So if, for example, you had been a VIP member for the past year, we can still only refund payments made in the past 7 days.

If you wish us to make a refund, please write to us at the e-mail address below, privode the id of your country/countries, the transaction number(s), and clearly declare that you will never play with us in the future, in any version of the game, or in any other games we provide. Be sure to attach all transaction numbers of the past 7 days that you received from PayPal. With these information, we will refund your payments within 30 days.

How do I get an invoice?

You automatically receive a digital receipt after payment via e-mail. If, for any reason you need a tax invoice, please e-mail us with your personal data and the transaction id of the payment, within 7 days of payment, and we will create an invoice for you. Sending the invoice via postal mail has a 2 EURO charge, that will need to be payed before we can mail the invoice. Digital form of the invoice is at no additional cost. Please be sure to always include your full name, full address and tax number.

What can I do if I have a problem?

If you have any problems during payment, please contact us at Our phone number, where you can reach us after scheduling a time by e-mail: +36-70-331-3485. Please note that we can only provide you information regarding payments through e-mail.

About VIP membership, once more

IMPORTANT! Before proceeding to the payment page, we ask you to read the help on VIP membership once again, especially the bold sections. VIP membership does NOT give you any right to cheat, normal gamerules apply! VIP help

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