VIP help


This is your own notepad in the game, where you can write reminders about your allies, enemies, attackers, possible targets, other information, or just about anything.

Your important messages can also be saved to your notepad (see Messages help).

Your notes are not deleted after 3 days like events or 5 days like messages, they are always there until you delete them. Notes have reasonable limits, so please delete your old writings if you no longer need them.

After making changes to your notes, click on the "Save" button to save them.

Administrators reserve the right to delete long notes without any notice.

For VIP members...

VIP members can save the results of Crystal balls and Surveyed buildings that they, or their allies made. While these results are normally only stored for a short period of time, saves information is available for much longer. You can also do complex searches within the saved results.

You can read more about the benefits of VIP membership in the VIP help.