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Mages have their particular role in your country's life. They cannot only fight but can also help the country's development. Their way of fight is totally different from the soldiers' or thieves'. They do not fight in the front rows of war but in the back stage, murmuring spells to help the army or kill the enemy.



Mages are really strange creatures. They do not mix with others, just spend their time with their arts and spells. They will cooperate only when they see their own benefit at the end.

They live in temples and all day long murmur spells to strengthen their lands and murder the enemy's people with their dreadful power. 100 mages can live comfortably in a temple, but this number can be modified by your people's familiarity with housing science (see science help).


Your mages cannot cast spells without runes. You can obtain runes in many different ways:

  • Build temples. Each temple produces 10 runes in one round.
  • Buy on the market.
  • Steal from someone.
  • Pillage from someone.

Spells have different needs for runes. How many runes each spell needs depends on:
  • Your country's size. Need for runes increases with your country's value.
  • How long the spell lasts (the longer the spell, the more runes are needed).

Success of the spells

Mages have to concentrate very hard when they cast spells, if anything disturbs them, they could bungle their work. Sometimes the enemy's mages are more powerful, so they can prevent your mages from casting spells on their country.

Success depends on many things:

  • Strength of your mages. (When your mages' strength gets below 50%, they will go back to their accommodations and have rest. Every spell makes your mages tired, but every spell tires them differently: some spells are very difficult, others need less concentration.)
  • Number of your mages.
  • Your people's familiarity with magical science.
  • The military mood.
  • Distance between you and your opponent's country.

Who can you cast a spell on?

It is clear, you cannot cast an attack spell on just anyone you want. There are some rules you must obey! Your target cannot be:

  • Your ally
  • Under protection
  • On vacation
  • or have a non-aggression pact with you

You cannot cast spells on other countries that are meant to be cast upon your own country only.

Your citizens do not trust mages and fear magic, so every wizardry action decreases their common mood.

The Attack

  1. Enter the id of the country you wish to attack. Just leave it blank for spells cast on yourself.
  2. Strength of mages, and the military mood.
  3. Number of mages and runes.
  4. Choose what spell you would like to cast.
  5. Active spells on your country.

When your mages cast a spell, you can see the result at once, except for long-lasting spells which have their effects for several rounds. If your mages are tired or disturbed, or if the opponent has a stronger group of mages, he/she can easily prevent your mages' spell. In this case, your opponent finds out about you, and also what kind of spell (attack or only spying) you wanted to cast.

Only one of each long-lasting spells can be on your country at the same time! (You cannot have 10 rounds and 15 rounds of Storm spell on your country at the same time.)


There are only a few spells in your mages' books, but these are very powerful and effective. Let's see the available spells:

Information Spells
Crystal Ball You can obtain useful information about your opponent. If the spell is successful, you can see your opponent's army, number of his mages and thieves. How many runes and gold he/she has, etc.
Detect Magic When the spell is successful, you can see what spells are on your opponent's country. Does not show racial spells.
Chronicle When the spell is successful, you can see your opponent's war event list, and find out if there are any troops on the way to attack that country.
Full Chronicle If the spell is successful, you can see all the war events that happened in your group in the past 24 hours.
Detect Portal This spell shows you which countries opened a portal on you and those you opened on others.
Farsight This spell shows you the troops that are on their way towards you, or one of your allies. You can see their size and in how many rounds they will arrive. The further the attacking army is, the less accurate the estimation of the army size.

Spells to be cast upon yourself
Defense This spell cannot stop the attacking armies, but it helps your soldiers defend the country. When you use this spell, your army's defense strength will be higher by 30%. This spell only helps in war and has no effect on mages and thieves.
Magic Shield This spell helps against magical attack. When you use it, your mages' defense strength will be higher by 20%. This spell cannot defend against information spells. This spell does not strengthen your power to cast spells upon yourself, or anyone else.
Growth Decreases the length of drought.
Golden Apple This spell makes you some gold if you are in need.
Clear Sight This spell helps your thieves defend your country against your opponents' thieves. Your thieves will be 30% more vigilant to captures your opponents' intruders.
Bloodthirst This spell will strengthen your attacking troops after you send them out. You can see if your troops are under this spell in the Council menu. When you use this spell, your attacking troops' strength will increase by 30%.
Sunshine Decreases the length of storms.
Regeneration When this spell is active, your mages and thieves regenerate 1% faster in each round.
Deception Under the effects of this spell, your thieves will lie about who sent them if they get captured.

Offensive Spells
Storm When you cast this spell on your opponents' countries, 0.5% of their population will leave their country because of the bad weather. It can be compensated with the Sunshine spell.
Drought Drought is the main enemy of agriculture. Under this spell, yield of the farms will decrease by 30%.
Tire Thieves You can make your opponents' thieves tired with this spell. When the strength of the thieves goes below 50%, they will not obey any orders.
Fireball This spell makes fireballs fall from the sky, which kill people, mages, thieves and soldiers in your opponents' land.
Poison Thieves You can assassinate your opponents' thieves with this spell.
Earthquake Earthquakes are very frightening for people, they decrease their common mood, and also demolish buildings in the target country.
Open Portal If you want to attack your target with your thieves, you must open a portal to that country first, because thieves can only attack through an open portal. You have an open portal through which you can send your thieves, when:

  • You opened the portal on your target
  • Your target opened the portal on you
  • One of your allies opened the portal on the target
  • Your target opened the portal on one of your allies
  • One of the target's allies opened the portal on you
Important! When one of your allies opens a portal on XY's ally, and no other portals are open, you CANNOT attack XY with your thieves!

Important! Every race has its own additional special spell. See Race help.

Important! If somebody obtains information about you by casting a Crystal ball spell, your mages will report it without knowing who did it, but if your opponent's mages are more than twice as strong as yours, your mages will not even notice that somebody spied you out.


Every spell tires your mages. The following table lists how much each spell tires them.

Crystal ball2%
Detect magic4%
Full Chronicle7%
Detect Portal4%
Farsight1-3% (*)
Magic Shield3%
Golden Apple4%
Clear Sight5%
Tire thieves3%
Poison thieves6%
Open portal6%

(*) The farsight spell tires your mages by 1% if you are a lone wolf, or you are alone in an alliance. If there are two countries in your alliance, the spell tires your mages by 2%. If there are three or more countries in your allience, the spell tires them by 3%.

Your race may modify the above values!

When casting a spell on a distant country, your mages will tire more that the above, depending on the distance. For every country that is more than 3 rounds away, your mages will tire more by 1% for each round. For every country that is more than 10 rounds away, your mages will tire more by 1 additional percent for every round above 10.


When casting a long-lasting spell (Storm, Drought), every round you wish the spell to last, increases your opponents' defense value by 2% (you need to multiply these, not add them together.) For example if your opponent has 100 mages, and you would like to cast a spell for 10 rounds, the defense value of your opponent's mages will rise from 100 to 121.89.


The value difference between your country and your opponent's country also strengthens their defense. For every 200 points of value difference, the defense grows by 1%. These are to be added up. 3000 points of value difference means 15% additional defense for your opponent.


Some actions (assassinate mages, kidnap people, arson, assassinate soldiers, poison thieves, fireball, and earthquake) result in an automatic protection. This means the more these kinds of attacks a country gets over a period of time, the less effective these attacks will be.


When calculating the strength of your thieves and mages, the average of their strength and military mood is taken. For example, if your thieves' strength is 50% and your military mood is 80%, then you should count with 65%. If somebody brings your thieves' strength down to 0%, but your military mood 80%, your thieves defense strength is 40%. If both the thieves' strength and military mood are 0%, the defense strength is zero.