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Your country can only survive if you defend it against other countries' conquests. You can set up your army from different units according to your strategy in the game.

Training, further training,demotion

Nobody is born to be a soldier; everyone must take some training. In the training camp people learn how to act at war, how to cooperate successfully with their peers and how to use weapons. When the soldiers finish their active service or there is no need for them, they can be demoted. You can freely decide how many men should be sent to training or should be demoted.


During the basic training, civilians learn how to obey orders, cooperate and use basic weapons.

You choose your soldiers from your country's population. Only 10% of your country's population can be on training at the same time. Soldiers move out of their homes when they start the training so their places will be available for new immigrants. The training lasts 20 rounds, after which the new soldiers will occupy places in the barracks.

When they finish training, you can give them orders:
  • You can send them to explore new lands
  • You can send them to further training into special units
  • You can demote them
Important! After their training, your soldiers need free places in your barracks. If there are no free places, your soldiers will leave your country!

Further training

You have the opportunity to send your soldiers to specific training, according to your strategy or your country's needs. Further training lasts 20 rounds just like basic training except for attacker and defender units which need only 10 rounds to be trained. After these trainings, units go back to their peers, so you must have free accommodation for them.


Sometimes it is required to demote soldiers, because you may need them trained to another unit, or you need more civilians. Demotion is free and does not need any time.

Demoted special units will live as common soldiers; demoted common soldiers will go back to their former life as civilians and move back to their houses.

Demoted special units still need places in the barracks! Only demoted common soldiers will move back to houses.

You can buy soldiers on the market, too.

Your soldiers under training do not need extra food because the cost of the training already contains that.

You do not get your demoted soldiers' weapons back!

Army units

You can set up your army from different army units according to your strategy.

Army units and their defense and attack values:

Army unit Defense value Attack value

Need for weapons and costs

Need for weapons

Every soldier needs weapons for their training, except for mages and thieves.

Army unitWeapons needed
Soldier  1

You can obtain weapons in several ways:
  • Buy on the market
  • Your smithies make them
  • Steal from someone else

You must give pay to your soldiers. Every soldier's pay depends on his rank. This pay is fixed and will be deducted from your civilian's tax in every round. If you cannot pay your soldiers, their military mood will decrease by 1%. See: Mood help.

Army unitPay
Soldier0.5 gold
1 gold
1 gold
1 gold
1 gold
1 gold
1 gold
Elite1.5 golds

Your race might modify the time of training or its cost. See Races help.

About the table

  1. Names of military units.
  2. You have this many of the given unit.
  3. You can currently train this many of the given unit.
  4. Units of this kind under training.
  5. Price of training one unit.
  6. Enter the number of units you would like to be trained. When ready, click the button below.
  7. Enter the number of units you would like to demote. When ready, click the button below.