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The Market is where countries from the given group buy and sell each other's military units, scrolls or raw materials. If you have surplus of something, you can put it on the market and earn good money with it. If you are in urgent need for anything, you are likely to find it here... if you can afford it.

How the market works

The short version: you can buy or sell anything on the market, the prices and available quantities are determined by the players themselves, based on supply and demand.

  1. Type of goods.
  2. Quantity of the given goods, that are on the market for the price shown by arrow number 4.
  3. In your stores, you have this quantity.
  4. Price for one unit of the given goods.
  5. The quantity you can buy.
  6. This is where you enter how much you would like to buy.
  7. When selling your goods, enter the price you wish to sell one unit for.
  8. The quantity you would like to sell.
  9. Choose the goods you would like to sell.

If you want to buy something, you can buy the shown quantity or less. Money is a limiting factor. The market always displays the cheapest goods.

When selling goods, just enter the amount, the price and choose what goods you wish to sell. The goods arrive to the market at least 30 minutes, but maximum 3 hours later. Goods not sold for 24 hours, will be returned. Maximum price for everything is 50.000 gold.

Important! Goods sent to the market will immediately disappear from your stores/barracks/etc. Bought goods, or unsold and returned goods will appear immediately. So do not forget to have enough place for them in the stores, barracks, etc.

Important! Goods stay on the market for exactly 24 hours after appearing. If nobody buys them during this time, they will disappear from the market, and you will get them back. Goods are always returned to your country following the change of rounds. This is important because it gives you one full round's time to do something with goods you do not have place for.

Goods stay on the market for exactly 24 hours after appearing. After this time, they disappear. You only get them back after the next change of rounds. Between these two, the goods are not available anywhere.

There are 3 markets in the game, representing the 3 types of goods: soldiers, scientific scrolls and raw materials. You can visit each market 3 times a day, spending a maximum of 20 minutes there each visit. If you leave the market, but return before the 20 minutes is up, it still counts as the same visit.

Important!Every group has its own market. You only see the market of your own group.

Let's see the 3 markets in detail:

Ahmed the slave trader

This is where you find different military units, ranging from common soldier to elites, and even mages and thieves. This market has an additional rule: you cannot sell soldiers below their normal training price.

Bahia the priestess

If you are looking for scrolls, this is the right place. Scrolls are not cheap, but there are times when you need them urgently, so prepare your purse...

Jusuf the merchant

The market for raw materials, food and weapons. You are most likely to spend most of your money here. Or: make a fortune here!

Unsold goods

The market is not a storage place. Only put goods on the market if you really wish to sell them, and only at a price that is reasonable, given the current market conditions. Goods with a very high price will be robbed on the way home to your country by bandits. These bandits are really strong and fearful, they are capable of stealing even thousands of elites!

Remember: you need place for all goods that are returned from the market, be it raw materials, or military units. Goods are always returned after the change of rounds, so you have 1 round's time to do something with the surplus. Remember: if your country is on vacation, you still need place for the returned goods! If there is no place for them, soldiers will be demoted, goods will be lost!

For VIP members

  • Our VIP members can use each market 5 times a day, instead of the normal 3.
  • VIP members can also see exactly how much time is left of their 20-minute visit.
  • Unsold goods that are due back in less than 12 hours, are shown with the exact time they will be taken off the market. They are returned to your country at the end of the next change of rounds.

You can read more about the benefits of VIP membership in the VIP help.