VIP help


A good leader does not only command the troops in battle, but can also negotiate peace with other countries. Communication with other players is provided through the Messages menu.

Sending a message

You can send a message to anyone in the game, not just players in your own group.

To send someone a message, you need to enter their id, and write the message.

After sending the message, you have the option to return to your incoming messages without having to go to the Main menu.

Important! We ask you to stick to the etiquette, and do not offend anyone with your message. If you offend others, use bad language etc, your country will be temporarily banned or completely deleted from the game!

Language of the message

Our policy about the language used in private messages:

  • If a non-Hungarian speaker receives a message in Hungarian and reports it, we warn the sender to use English. If he does it more than once, longer bans are given.
  • The same goes for all other languages, other than English, I just used Hungarian as an example, since we have the most of those at this point.
  • If a Hungarian-speaker receives a Hungarian message, we expect him to understand it, that language being his mother tongue. :)
  • Reported messages in languages we do not understand are automatically considered not acceptable, and a warning, later longer bans are given.

Validity of messages

Messages are automatically deleted from the game after 5 days. If you wish to keep a message for a longer time, you can save it. (See below.)

New messages

When you get a new message, there are several ways you can find out about it:

In the Main Menu Below your country's data, you see an all-capital sign if you have unread messages. For details, see Main menu help.
Flasing sign The game checks to see if you have new messages every minute. If you have, a flashing sign will let you know in the upper left corner of the browser, just below the game logo. For more information, see Main menu help. This feature is only available for VIP members.
E-mail notification You can turn e-mail notification on, this causes the game to send you an e-mail whenever you receive a message within the game. For more information, see Settings help.

Saving messages

You find a "Save" button next to each message. If you would like to keep the message for a longer time, you can use this button to save the message into yout Nopetad. See Notes help.

For VIP members

Our VIP members can decide who not to receive messages from. On the messages page, you find a link, "List of ignored countries", where you can enter the id of those you do not wish to receive messages from in the furure. You can delete countries from the list on the same page.

If someone on your ignore-list tries to send you a message, they will be notified that you do not wish to receive messages from them.

Your ignore-list also affects which forum messages will be displayed to you. Forum messages from people on your ignore-list will not show up. Your ignore-list also affects which Diplomacy posts are displayed to you.

Our VIP members are notified of new messages by a flashing icon in the upper left corner of the browser, just below the game logo.

You can read more about the benefits of VIP membership in the VIP help.