VIP help


The main purpose of the game is leveling up to other groups on higher levels (see Group system help), to compete with better and better players. To be able to level up, your country needs to meet certain requirements.

First, you must spend a minimum time period on each level to prove that your country is stable. Second, you need to spend a minimum time period in each group's top to prove that you did everything you could in your current group. When your country is in the top30% of the group, the time spent in the top30% grows by 1 in every round. If your country falls out of the top30%, this number will decrease by 3 in every round. If you are not in the top30%, this number will decrease even if you set vacation mode. Remember! The top30% is not the same as the top 1/3, it is less!

If your country has more than one personality, the requirements get harder. The more personalities your country has, the higher you need to get to fulfil the leveling requirements. Depending on the number of personalities, the "top30%" requirement changes as follows:

2336 rounds in the top22%
3336 rounds in the top15%
4336 rounds in the top10%
5336 rounds in the top8%
6336 rounds in the top6%
7336 rounds in the top4%
8336 rounds in the top1%
9 and more336 rounds in the 1st position

In the 1/A group, you only need to reach 9000 acres, regardless of the number of personalities. (If you find this hard, then there is an easier way, which we describe later on. Keep reading.) If this is your country's first time in the top group, then it's even easier: you only need to reach 4000 acres to get the second personality.

"Minimum land" is unique to every country in the game, and you must have at least this much land to level up. The minimum land is 85% of your country's all-time biggest size on the current level (reset when restarting on the 5th level).

You cannot level up with a territory as big as you want. There is a maximum number of acres with which you can level up. If your country's territory is bigger than this limit, you have to demolish some of your buildings in the construction menu in the usual way. (It is up to you to decide which buildings you want to demolish.) Barren acres do not count towards the leveling limit, and you will lose all barren acres over the limit when you level.

From the 1st level of the game, after meeting all the requirements, you can restart your country on the 5th level again. When you restart, you will get a new country with 200 acres, just like starting a new country, but your country's id and name will not change, and you can choose a second personality. (You can choose as many personalities as many times you restart your country on the 5th level.) When you restart, you can read and write on the common forum, your 5th level group forum from where you originally come from, and if you do not restart in your original 5th level group, you can also use your new chosen group forum until you are there.

Although restarting on the 5th level has advantages: you can choose another personality, we suggest you stay in the top group (1/A) for some time. Game here is a lot different than in other groups (see Game in 1/A help), and this is the only group that really offers the potential to grow your country as big as you want.

The Anarchist game has only 4 groups, the 2nd level is the highest there. You cannot advance to the 1st level from there, you can either stay there, or restart on the 5th level of the Anarchist group.

You can see your current level's requirements in the Level menu. When you meet these requirements, you can level up with your country.

The 2nd level is a little different from other levels, when it comes to leveling. From the Anarchist group, you can restart on the 5th level from here. Countries in the Anarchist group cannot advance to the 1st level. In normal groups, you have two choices: to level up to the 1st level OR to restart on the 5th level (see above). You can only restart on the 5th level, if you have a country in the 1/A group, and that country meets the leveling requirements and the top30% requirement (which is not part of the leveling requirements, but is a requirement when you want to restart to the 5th level from the 2nd level!). This makes it possible for you to have a country in the 1/A group forever, and have another country that you constantly restart with, gaining more and more personalities.

Easy leveling from 1/A: To get your second personality, you only need to reach 4000 acres in the 1/A group. For more personalities, normally 9000 acres is required. If you think this is hard, then you have the option to choose the easy leveling. This means that you can restart on the fifth level after reaching only 4000 acres. However, this comes at a price: to get another personality, you need to do this twice. So: you restart on the 5th level from 4000 acres, and do NOT get another personality. You come back to the top group, and restart on the 5th level again, from 4000 acres, and you get a new personality this time. (When restarting to the 5th level from the 2nd level, you cannot use easy leveling. Your 1/A country needs to meet the top30% requirement in order to restart with the country on the 2nd level.)

When you level up, keep in mind: your country will not change, you keep your current country. On the next level, you have the opportunity to change your country's race and personality. When you login after leveling up, your country will not have a race and personality set. We suggest you set these immediately, since these influence your scientific values. No race and no personality means 30% maximum bonus in all scientific areas. Even if you have an army that requires more. Not setting the race and personality might result in the loss of lots of military units and civilians! You will lose all your goods which are on the market, and all your soldiers that are not presently in your country (on market, helping an ally, attacking someone etc.). Keeping all this in mind, leveling is a critical decision, so we suggest you carefully plan ahead. Spells on your country will disappear and the plague will as well. You can take your money, written scrolls, runes and your goods in the stores with you. After leveling up, you cannot immediately set vacation mode, so if you need some time off, we suggest you go on vacation BEFORE leveling. When you level up, your country will be under protection for 72 hours, except for the first level. In the first 24 rounds you cannot use the market! Caravan cannot be started in the first 3 rounds. You will not be able to train soldiers in the first 3 rounds.

Drop areas under construction. When leveling up, you have the option to leave behind all areas that are currently under construction and are being explored. Why is this useful? When arriving to your new group, you may wish to start from a lower position than you would normally start at. This is when checking this option is useful: you can select the areas you wish to leave behind, start construction on those areas, and level up with this option checkes. On the new level, your country's territory will be smaller. You will also lose all areas that are being explored. In most cases, arriving to where you normally would, is just fine, and there is no need to use this option.

Levelling up is optional, your country will also evolve if you do not move to the next level (except for non-VIP members who reach the timelimit of their gameplay.) If you gain more acres than the limit, you will have to demolish many buildings to level up, therefore we suggest you look at the leveling requirements every now and then to see the conditions, and if you meet them, prepare to level up, and level up.

Levelling up is not compulsory, but if you spend a long time in the top30% of the group, your people will not be satisfied with this situation. The longer your stay in the top30%, the more dissatisfied your people will be with your leadership and will demand that you move up. You can resist it for a while and increase your people's mood the usual way, but you cannot do this forever. We suggest when your people start to rebel, level up! If you don't, your people will burn up more and more of your buildings.


If you spend too much time in the top30% of your group, the civilian mood will decrease in every round. Rate of this decrease is shown in the table below:

under 2000 rounds:0%
after 2000 rounds:1%
after 2100 rounds:2%
after 2200 rounds:3%
after 2300 rounds:4%
after 2400 rounds:5%
after 2500 rounds:6%
after 2600 rounds:7%
after 2700 rounds:8%
after 2800 rounds:9%
after 2900 rounds:10%
after 3000 rounds:11%
after 3100 rounds:12%
after 3200 rounds:13%
after 3300 rounds:14%
after 3400 rounds:15%
after 3500 rounds:16%
after 3600 rounds:17%
after 3700 rounds:18%
after 3800 rounds:19%
after 3900 rounds:20%
after 4000 rounds:21%
after 4100 rounds:22%
after 4200 rounds:23%
after 4300 rounds:24%
after 4400 rounds:25%
after 4500 rounds:26%
after 4600 rounds:27%
after 4700 rounds:28%
after 4800 rounds:29%
after 4900 rounds:30%
after 5000 rounds:31%
after 5100 rounds:32%
after 5200 rounds:33%
after 5300 rounds:34%
after 5400 rounds:35%
after 5500 rounds:36%
after 5600 rounds:37%
after 5700 rounds:38%
after 5800 rounds:39%
after 5900 rounds:40%
after 6000 rounds:41%
after 6100 rounds:42%
after 6200 rounds:43%
after 6300 rounds:44%
after 6400 rounds:45%
after 6500 rounds:46%
after 6600 rounds:47%
after 6700 rounds:48%
after 6800 rounds:49%
after 6900 rounds:50%
after 7000 rounds:51%
after 7100 rounds:52%
after 7200 rounds:53%
after 7300 rounds:54%
after 7400 rounds:55%
after 7500 rounds:56%
after 7600 rounds:57%
after 7700 rounds:58%
after 7800 rounds:59%
after 7900 rounds:60%
after 8000 rounds:61%
after 8100 rounds:62%
after 8200 rounds:63%
after 8300 rounds:64%
after 8400 rounds:65%
after 8500 rounds:66%
after 8600 rounds:67%
after 8700 rounds:68%
after 8800 rounds:69%
after 8900 rounds:70%
after 9000 rounds:71%
after 9100 rounds:72%
after 9200 rounds:73%
after 9300 rounds:74%
after 9400 rounds:75%
after 9500 rounds:76%
after 9600 rounds:77%
after 9700 rounds:78%
after 9800 rounds:79%
after 9900 rounds:80%
after 10000 rounds:81%
after 10100 rounds:82%
after 10200 rounds:83%
after 10300 rounds:84%
after 10400 rounds:85%
after 10500 rounds:86%
after 10600 rounds:87%
after 10700 rounds:88%
after 10800 rounds:89%
after 10900 rounds:90%
after 11000 rounds:91%
after 11100 rounds:92%
after 11200 rounds:93%
after 11300 rounds:94%
after 11400 rounds:95%
after 11500 rounds:96%
after 11600 rounds:97%
after 11700 rounds:98%
after 11800 rounds:99%
after 11900 rounds:100%

If your country has more than one personality, rioting will only start when you spend a long time in the positions required for your leveling (for example top22% instead of the top30% if the country has 2 personalities).

Only level up, when you feel everything is OK in your country, and you have thought of everything. You can use the forum at once, but you cannot sell or buy goods in the market in the first 24 rounds.

Freezing a country

Occassionaly you might face a situation when your country is ready to level up to the next level, but you already have a country there that is not ready to move up. This is when freezing the country helps.

When you freeze a country, it means you will not be able to log in, but you can bring another of your countries to the same group/level. This country evolves and eventually you level up again. At this point, you can bring your frozen country back to life to the same group where it originally was.

To bring a country back from the frozen state, all you need to do is log in. If you have no other country in that group, the previously frozen country will be brought back to the game. When brought back, it will start a 72-hour vacation. So you will not be able to play with it immediately! This is to ensure that the country will be no surprise to your neighbours.

To freeze a country, it needs to be out of any alliances. Its alliance status needs to be "Lone wolf" in the lower groups, and also needs to be on vacation. Vacation is not required for countries in the 1/A group, as vacation is meaningless there if you are not in an alliance.

You can only freeze countries that have already been linked together! You cannot freeze a country on the 5th level, just to register a new one. This is against the rules!