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Plagues were very common in the middle ages because of the bad hygienic conditions. Disease suddenly appeared and swept through the whole country. The remedies were also very primitive, so many people died.

When you attack an infected country, your soldiers become sick, and will infected your country when they arrive home. You have two choices: wait until the plague disappears or build some hospitals to help cure your people.

How long does the plague rage in your country? It depends on the size of the country. Every acre you have counts as one disease unit, so 200 acres means 200 units of disease. Every round, this number decreases by 1. This means, in a country with 200 acres, it takes 200 rounds to get healthy again. Hospitals help you cure your people. Every working hospital decreases the number of the disease units by 3 additional units every round. Important! 1 and 3 units do not mean the number of people, these units just help you to calculate how long the plague will rage in your country!

During the plague, less and less people get the disease. In the beginning many inhabitants die, towards the end only a couple.

You cannot infect a country by attacking it. They will only get infected if they themselves attack an infected country. While your country has the plague and your allies call your soldiers to help them, they will not get infected. They will also not get the disease when you ask for help, or you start an attack and take them along, even if the target country itself is infected.

If you attack an Undead country, your soldiers will become infected, and will spread the plague in your country when they arrive back.

Your country can only get infected following a military attack; if you steal people from an infected country, your people will not get the disease.

Important! When your country is ill and you send out a troop to attack someone, the number of soldiers you lose during the journey is double of the normal loss (just ON the way NOT IN WAR). When this troop arrives back, they will reinfect your country, and the plague will start all over again.