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Declaration of war

If there is someone you plan to attack a lot, and wish to have a longer war, it is best to let the other party know, and declare war. You benefit from the declatarion because you can focus your powers more easily on certain targets. When attacking a country that you are at war with, the attack will be more effective.

Every military, thievery, and with one exception every magical attack produces a result that is 20% more than normal, provided that you succeed. The only exception is the Earthquake spell, declaration of war does not strengthen it.

Note, that only the result changes. You will conquer more land, you will steal more gold etc. Declaration of war has no effect on defense or attack points.

While at war, BOTH sides receive the above bonus, not just the country who sent the declaration.

Decralation of war starts with a preparation period. Normally this lasts 24 rounds. During the preparation period, the country that declared war, cannot start an attack, thus giving time for the victim to prepare. However, if the victim does not need this time, it can immediately start an attack. When the victim starts an attack, preparation time is over, and both sides can attack.

For 49 rounds, following the end of the preparation period, the declaration cannot be withdrawn. Only the country that declared war can withdraw it.

Declaring war counts as an attack, after which the country cannot go on vacation for 12 hours.

You can declare war on a maximum of 3 countries, but an unlimited number of countries can declar war on you. Countries you are at war with are shown in red in the scoretable.

Only VIP members can declare war.

You can read more about the benefits of VIP membership in the VIP help.