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Group system

Everyone wants to rule the lands and be the wealthiest, strongest leader. Small groups are formed to allow you to prove who the best leader is. When you are ready, you can level up and face a group of better players. Even there you need to prove yourself, and level up to face even better players!

The system is set up like a pyramid. Everyone starts from the bottom, where players are divided into several groups. (Note: at the start of the game, only a few of these groups are open.) Only the very best players can reach the top of this pyramid, and be able to play in the 1/A group.


As you advance up the pyramid, fewer and fewer groups are available, and you face bigger and bigger challenges.

On the top level, you may even win the title of "Best player", and be displayed to every player of the game. Of course, it is not enough to get this title, you also need to be able to keep it...

Additional help:
The 1/A group