VIP help


There are two kinds of forums in the game: a group forum on the 5th level, where only the group members and former members can write; and a common forum on the higher levels where everyone can write from groups higher than the 5th level (excluding the Anarchist groups).

The following are the forum rules which you must obey if you want to use the forum. These rules are accessible for everyone even before you can write on the forums, so we take these very seriously to assure you get an enjoyable environment.

  • Never write any data about your own or another player's country on the forum. Nothing. Not a word about its strength, not a word about its tactics, not a word about its allies or troops. Nothing. For example, you must not write: XY's troops are coming towards me!, XY stole from my warehouse!, I could cast a crystal ball on you! etc.
  • Never offer your country to anyone. Everybody should reach what they can by themselves. You must not write for example: Attack me! I have no soldiers at home. Never copy your main menu to the forum or diplomacy.
  • Never write any information about the market on the forum, from which somebody can deduce what are on the market or what the goods cost. You must not write for example: Why are the soldiers so cheap/expensive on the market?, Why are there no stones on the market?, I put some wood on the market., etc. Do not even ask anyone publicly to give you information about the market.
  • Do not flood the forum. This means that you must not write short messages in succession or long, meaningless message(s). Do not write messages which contain long words that modify the width of the forum.
  • Do not copy or write long messages! Wap users will thank you for it.
  • Do not offend anyone!
  • If you think somebody is cheating in the game, please do not write it to the forum, because it is not even certain that you are right. In this case please use the appropriate reporting tools. (These can be found from the help menu.)
  • Do not make private conversations on the forum, except if everyone on the forum is concerned.
  • Do not use unacceptable language! If you modify swears by using different characters, those still remains swears, and are not acceptable.
  • Do not copy private messages to the forum and do not copy any part of the forum back again to forum.
  • Do not write your messages with all capital letters. That means you are shouting which is very impolite.
  • Do not seek allies on the forum, you should use the Diplomacy menu to do this.
  • Do not advertise anything on the forum without the administrators' permission. Most notably: no web or e-mail addresses in any form.
  • Do not organize anything that is against the game rules. For example you are not allowed to write anything like: Attack this guy!, Assassinate XY's mages! Etc.
  • If you have any problems with the game, the administrators or the moderators, that is not a forum topic!
  • The official language of the forum is English. Do not use any other languages!

If your message breaks any of these rules, the first time you get a warning and we delete your messages. If you break the rules more than once or seriously, you will be banned from the game for 5 to 168 rounds. In very serious cases your country will be deleted. Deleted countries are lost and cannot be restored.

If there is no administrator or moderator online when somebody breaks the rules, the punishment will be put forward to a later time, when they come online.

What does the yellow [MODERATOR] sign mean next to some countries' name? They are the moderators on the forums. They supervise the order of the forum and help you if you have any questions about the game. These people know the game very well, so what they say is generally true, although sometimes you might get some false information. Because of this, the forum is not an official announcement medium. Any changes to the game are announced on the login screen.

What rights do moderators have? Moderators do not have access to any countries' data. The only right they have other than what normal players have, is to discipline countries which offend the etiquette on the forum or in the diplomacy. They can banish these countries for 5-168 rounds from the game. They cannot delete countries.

What rules must the moderators follow?

If any moderator abuses her/his right and banishes a country without any solid reason, her/his country will be deleted without question, and never allowed back to the game.

Must I obey the moderator?

Yes! You must obey the moderator, if what she/he said is not against the rules of the game or the etiquette. If you refuse what they ask, they have the right to banish you temporarily.

What does the blue [HELPER] sign mean next to some countries' name? They are countries on their way to become a moderator. Their rights are more limited than that of the moderators, and they can either become moderators with time, or return to normal user status. Feel free to ask them about the game, they are here to help, just like the moderators. (They can also warn or ban you if you break the rules!)

What does the green [ADMIN] sign mean next to some countries' name? They are the administrators of the game, who have more rights than the moderators. They can do the same as moderators can, and in serious cases they have the right to do even more. They can also help you if you have a question, but their basic role is to keep the game up and running, so it is not sure they will answer all the questions. If you have questions, ask a moderator, or even better: read the help!

(From version 6.2, you have access to all the 5th level forums you have previously levelled from.)

Ignore certain forum messages

Forum messages from people on your ignore-list (see mail help) will not show up when you read the forum.

Anarchist groups

Some rules do not apply to the Anarchist groups, or apply differently. The following are only valid in the Anarchist groups:
  • You can copy or write information about Anarchist countries to the anarchist forum; you can even place results of crystal balls there. You must not give information about any country in the normal group.
  • You can copy event lists to the anarchist forum, but you must not copy event lists from normal groups.
  • You can also give information about the market, but you must not give out any information about markets in the normal groups.
  • You can offer your country to anybody in the anarchist group diplomacy. You can give its password and login to anyone if you want, but you cannot offer your country from normal groups.
  • You can organize alliances that would not be allowed in the normal game. You can do this either on the forum or the Diplomacy. You must not organize any such alliance against countries in normal groups.