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FAQ - Cheating

If I suspect that someone is cheating, how do I report it?
  Our system is checking the countries within the game continuously, so if somebody is cheating, he/she will be moved to the Anarchist group when enough evidence is gathered. This procedure is fully automatic, there are no exceptions, so there is no need to report a specific country.

I think several countries have formed an illegal allience against me, changing information, coordinating attacks, without being formal allies within the game. What can I do?
  First of all, please make sure that your suspicion has some basis. If you have no thieves, it is pretty obvious that many countries will steal from you. In these cases what you need to do is protect yourself from these attacks.

However, if it is evident from your events that there is an illegal cooperation, you can ask for a detailed investigation. If it is found that certain countries broke the rules, they will be moved to the Anarchist group, since this kind of behavior is not accepted in the normal game.

To report an incident, you need to fill out a form within the game. You can find the link to this form on this page. You need to enter as much detail as possible. When you send the report, our system will check all events that took place against your country, and investigate all connections between the reported countries.

Since there is a human investigation involved, it is necessary to explain the situation in every detail, making sure you point out why you are absolutely sure that the actions against your country can not be coincidences.

No notification is sent about the results. If there is enough evidence, the given countries will be moved to the Anarchist group.

Although gathering of data is continuous, the detailed human investigation only takes place once a week, so do not expect us to promptly respond. We would also like to point out, that in more than 90% of all reported cases, there is no illegal allience.

In order to be able to fill out the reporting form, you need to be logged in to the game. If you are logged in, you can access it by clicking the following link:

Report illegal alliances

If you receive a message within the game that asks you to do anything against the rules, you can report it to us the same way you report bad language: with the link right below the message.

My country has been moved to the Anarchist group. Why?
  Our general FAQ has details on this subject, please read it to make sure you do not do the same mistake again in the future.