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FAQ - Questions about deletions and transfers to the Anarchist group

You deleted my country even though I only replied back! If you deleted my country, you should have deleted the other one, too!
  We only deal with messages reported to us within the game. If you received a message that you found inappropriate, and did not report to us, we assume you did not find it offending, and wish no action to be taken. Your message was found offending by the recepient, and was reported, therefore we took action. It is this simple.

We expect everyone in the game to behave themselves, both on forums and when writing private messages to each other. People who cannot behave themselves, are not welcome in the game, and are deleted without notice.
Do you delete VIP countries?
  Normally we do not delete VIP countries. If a VIP country behaves in an unacceptable manner, we revoke their privileges to communicate with others, but they stay in the game.

In some cases however, we feel it necessary to delete a VIP country, too. This is done mostly when someone is clearly preparing for a real-life crime. In such cases we feel it is the best interest of all parties involved to not allow such people to play with the game.
Okay, okay, you deleted my country, I understood the lesson, now let me back.
  There is no way to restore a deleted country.
You moved my country to the Anarchist group, even though my countries were on different levels in the normal game!
  If you have more than one country, you need to link them. Having more than one country on the 5th level (outside the anarchist group) is not allowed.
You moved my country to the Anarchist group, even though the other country was not even mine!
  When we move a country to the Anarchist group, several factors are checked. If our system suspects that someone cheats, we can be 99% sure that there IS some form of cheating involved. This accurasy is way above the average of other similar games. The possibility of a transfer where no cheating took place is minimal. If this is the case though, we strongly suggest you revise your gameplay behavior, and read all available helps on what can, and what cannot be done, to avoid future transfers. (For example you cannot control the countries of your allies, etc.)
You moved my country to the Anarchist group, even though I did not cheat, I was just planning on cheating!
  If you are clearly planning to cheat, we do not have to wait for the cheating to take place. In such cases, we move your country to the Anarchist group, where the action you were about to take, is permitted.
Do you also move VIP countries to the Anarchist group?
  If we suspect cheating, then we move VIP countries to the Anarchist group, too. VIP membership continues to be active in the Anarchist group.
How long do I have to stay in the Anarchist group?
  If we moved your country/countries to the Anarchist group, it/they stay there until you delete it/them.
My country was deleted, or moved to the Anarchist group. Can I find out why?
  When deleting or moving a country to the Anarchist group, we send an e-mail with detailed explanation. Other than this, we can only provide information to VIP members, within 3 days of the incident. For non-VIP countries, or after this period, we cannot give any information.
What does "Protection of fair game" mean?
  We use this explanation when you are being moved because of recurring actions. Such actions might include the management of your ally's (friend's, brother's etc.) country besides your own; attempts to try to overcome Queosia's detection syetems; and other similar actions.
Can I get a detailed explanation? I want to see the evidence!
  In case of transfers to the Anarchist group, you can ask us to examine the circumstances again. If we find that the transfer was indeed rightful, or no enquiry arrives within 3 days (in case of VIP countries only), the transfer is considered final. We do not provide detailed evidence, given the fact that our decision is based on information not available to you.