VIP help


Fame is a positive or negative number that starts from zero, and shows how brave (famous) your country is, or if it rather deals with weaker countries.

When attacking a country that has a higher value that your own, your fame points will increase. When attacking a country that has a smaller value, your fame points will decrease. Only successful actions count.

How much your points will change depends on the value difference between the two countries. In military attacks, your fame will change by 1/10th the value difference. In thievery and magical situations, your fame will change by 1/60th the value difference. If this is less than 1, your fame will still change by 1.

Since anyone can steal from, or cast a spell on an Undead country, your fame points will only change when you do a military attack against them.

When looking at the fame points of a country, you can immediately see if it usually attacks weaker countries, or if it is noble enough to take the risk of attacking stronger ones.

Other than providing information, fame points have no practical uses in the game.