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There are 8 different races in the game, all stand for various playing styles. Each of them has benefits and drawbacks, how far you can take advantage of the race that you choose, is up to you. Before you choose a race for your country, think about what you wish to do, what your strategy will be, and choose the most suitable for you. Once the race is chosen, it can only be changed when you level up or restart your country.



People of the wood. Their lands are covered with thick forests. Under these whispering leaves dwell the Elves. They are tall and thin so constitutionally cannot carry heavy weights, or work easily down in the mines. They live in incredible harmony with nature, know every tree and bush in their lands, even where invaders mostly find themselves lost. Elves know many special ways to make otherwise useless plants edible, so elf explorers can go long distances without any food. They are good at magic, but mostly use it to defend themselves. They do not respect thieves. Peace-loving people, Elves are more likely to spend their time walking in their woods than marching to war.

Special spell

Phantom Army During the effect of this spell, the enemy cannot see the military strength of the country.

  • +30% defensive strength against military attacks
  • +20% defensive strength against magical attacks
  • +20% defensive strength against thievery attacks
  • +30% farm production
  • -30% exploration cost
  • -50% writing cost of agricultural scrolls
  • 40% maximum value in military and magic science
  • Archers in forts get 8 defensive points
  • Military mood aims for 85% instead of 75%

  • +30% military losses
  • +20% training cost of thieves and mages
  • -30% productivity of mines
  • -20% thievery effectiveness
  • -80% thievery effectiveness on harmful actions
  • +50% writing cost of military scrolls
  • Combat spells require +400% runes and result in +3% strength loss
  • Exploration limit is lower than for other races, see Exploration help


The most militant race. They are rude statures, strong-muscled, quick and proud of their independence. Orc children are trained for fight from their early childhood to give preferences to attack over defense. Explorers are fearfully efficient, but most likely to occupy built-up lands than break soil by themselves. Orcs have no special expectations, they feel comfortable even in dismal surroundings. Orc buildings are quick, shoddy works, therefore it is really difficult to do any developments on them. The main interest in their studies is war, and have a real averse to magic.

Special spell

Repletion Spell During the effect of this spell, the orc army needs 30% less food.

  • +30% offensive strength
  • time of construction is 14 (7) rounds
  • +2 generals
  • 40% maximum value in military and agricultural science
  • -50% writing cost of military scrolls
  • +20% defensive strength against military, magical and thievery attacks while the attacking army's (must be sent out for an attack!) attack points are higher than the defensive points of the army which stayed at home

  • +1% strength loss on every magical and thievery action
  • +30% need for runes
  • +20% material need for buildings
  • people's mood decreases more if the tax rises
  • +50% writing cost of training scrolls


Long time ago they were born from the crossing of the elves and humans, but by nowadays, half-elves have become a particular race. Because both humans and elves despise them, it is no wonder they live from robbing other races as a main profession. They are cunning and sneaking, most people check their purses if they see a half-elf around. Half-elves are thin, but smaller than elves and quick to run. Half-elves are not really keen on going to war, but if they come under attack, they defend themselves well. They mostly use magic to spy their preys. They are gifted with finding hidden treasures underground by nature, but are not fond of studying.

Special spell

Shadows While this spell is active, the effectiveness of thieves will increase by 40% of the population, but by a maximum of 50% of the number of thieves. (10.000 people + 1000 thieves = 1500 thieves; 1000 people + 10.000 thieves = 10400 thieves)

Special thievery action

Find out intention of attacking troops Your thieves can find out the intention of troops attacking you and your allies.

  • -1% strength loss on thievery actions
  • can use its stength until as low as 3% for actions resulting in information or some sort of loot
  • when stealing money, they can steal through the protection of the banks with at least doble efficiency
  • -10% need for runes for informative spells
  • +10% defensive strength against military attacks
  • 40% maximum value in thievery and housing science
  • double efficiency when killing enemy soldiers
  • -50% writing cost of thievery scrolls

  • -10% income
  • -10% offensive military strength
  • +30% need for runes for combat spells
  • +10% writing cost of scientific scrolls


People of the earth. Dwarves are stubby and strong-built, but cannot move briskly. They used to live down underground for a long time; it is no wonder they are so fond of deep mines. There are no better miners than dwarves; they can extract the very last ore nugget. Because of their ancient lifestyle, dwarves learned how to make every patch of soil useful; you cannot see any abandoned land in a dwarf country. They have a real aversion to magic; dwarf mage is very seldom found. They do their study with pleasure, but because of the climate of the mines, scrolls get worn away easily. Dwarves have a dread of height, so their buildings are single-storey.

Dwarves have a racial speciality that allows them to find quarries on their existing land, without exploring new areas. (Details in the Exploration help.)

Special spell

Store key While this spell is active, the enemy can get 50% less loot from the country's stores.

  • +200% productivity of mines
  • +200% productivity of smithy
  • -10% military losses
  • +20% place in the buildings
  • 40% maximum value in military and training science
  • +50% room in stores
  • -50% writing cost of mining scrolls
  • Further military training is faster: 10 (6) rounds

  • -25% magic effectiveness, except for spells cast upon own country
  • +1% strength loss on thievery actions
  • +10% scroll amortization
  • +50% writing cost of housing scrolls


They are real inventors. Gnomes are small, thin creatures. They are living in slender towers, which are a beautiful work of art. They are devoted to study and invention; innovations in the world mostly came out from gnome workshops. They are quick-witted and clever with their hands. Their libraries are treasuries of knowledge. Gnomes are good at magic, but their mages get tired fast. Gnome thieves are ordinary, but in their cities the public order is quite good.

Special spell

Library key While this spell is active, enemy thieves cannot steal any scrolls from the libraries.

  • 50% maximum value in each area of science
  • -10% material need for buildings
  • +10% rune production in the temples
  • Defensive bonus of forts is more than for other races. While defense for others is the double of what forts occupy of your total country, with Gnomes it is 3 times the occupied area. The maximum is still 30%.

  • +30% military losses
  • -10% chance to find quarries during exploration
  • -10% room in stores
  • +1% strength loss on magic actions
  • double cost of constructions
  • -1 general
  • can only steal scrolls from other Gnomes


They are horribly tall and strong. Giants cultivate their land extremely well. In their unknown ancient homeland, they learned to do magic in a different and easier way than other races in this world. Education is a very important thing in the life of giants, you cannot find illiterate easily among them. Theft is despised and prosecuted, it is unimaginable to be robbed in a giant country. Giants love their homeland, when there is a must to go far away from home, it is a great suffer for them.

Special spell

Siesta During the effect of this spell, enemy thieves get -50% loot. To assassinate mages or to steal scrolls is even harder: that efficiency is -80%.

  • +15% military strength
  • +10% magical strength
  • +20% farm production
  • 40% maximum value in magic and housing science
  • clerks in libraries can write 110 scrolls at the same time

  • +20% military losses during attacks
  • -50% loot from thievery
  • +20% material need and cost for constructions
  • +20% military losses during the way to the enemy
  • cannot send thieves to: murder soldiers, murder mages, arson


There came a time in history when the dead began to rise from their graves. Nobody could explain why this was happening, but by now it has become commonplace, and these creatures are now looked upon as a separate race. Undeads are very undemanding; they can live under any condition, anywhere. They are very slow minded so they are not able to do any magic or theft. Undeads, because they have already died, do not need any food, and their only enemy is fire. In battle, their opponent's victims join the Undead army.

Special spell

--- The Undead cannot cast spells.

  • no food is needed
  • no military losses
  • after a won battle, the enemy's victims join the undead's army
  • spreads the plague, but is immune to it
  • actions like assassinate mages, assassinate soldiers, poison thieves are ineffective
  • storm is ineffective
  • kidnap against them is less effective, depending on distance
  • attacking army always has Bloodthirst
  • +20% place in buildings, which increases with each level: on the 4th level there is a +30% bonus for place in buildings; on the 3rd level there is a +40% bonus for place in buildings; on the 2nd level there is a +50% bonus for place in buildings; on the 1st level there is a +60% bonus for place in buildings
  • military strength grows with each level: on the 4th level, the Undead gets +10% bonus for both defense and attack; on the 3rd level, it gets +20% bonus for both defense and attack; on the 2nd level, it gets +30% bonus for both defense and attack; on the 1st level, it gets +40% bonus for both defense and attack

  • cannot cast spells
  • cannot do any thievery actions
  • 0% science efficiency


They are the most ordinary race in the world. They live their everyday life as best as they can. Long, long time ago, at the beginning of Time they ruled the whole world, they are the founders of everything. Nowadays humans have become a minority. They tried to prepare for the continuous war against different races, but humans could not adapt easily. Humans now represent the golden means among all the people.

Special spell

Mirror spell During the effect of this spell, every combat spell is mirrored back to the enemy (caster) if the caster's magical strength is less then 5 times the Human's magical strength.

  • none
  • none