VIP help


Your political tactics are very important in the game. You can make allies or enemies very easily. This menu helps you to get allies for your country. You can place an advertisement here, and explain in detail what kind of allies you are looking for.

Place, delete advertisement

Anytime you need allies, you can just post an advertisement here in the notice board. To find allies easier, give some information about the prospective alliance:

  • What kind of ally you are looking for
  • Why you look for allies
  • What your expectations are about your future allies
  • Approximate value of your prospective allies

Important! Do not forget the etiquette is in force here as well!

Important! Skim through the notice board for a possible ally, before placing your advertisement!

Important! Values on the notice board do not refresh!

If you have found enough allies, please delete your advertisement from the notice board.

Validity of the advertisement

You can have only one advertisement on the board at a time! If you want to change your existing advertisement, you must first delete it, then post a new one.

Your advertisement will be deleted automatically after 72 hours.