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The Council page gives you detailed information about most aspects of the country. You can see all your buildings, see when new ones will be ready, your trainings, writing of scientific scrolls, how much food there is, how much your people consume, how many places there are for the different units etc.


You can examine the full capacity of your stores, what is currently occupied, and your production for each of the raw materials, food and weapons. Each store can hold 100 weapons, 300 raw materials and 1000 bushels of food. (This may be different for some races.)

Material: List of all materials your stores can hold.
Space: This is the total capacity of all your stores.
Occupied: This column shows how much space is currently occupied of each material in the stores.
Free: Free capacity of the store for each type of material.
Production/round: The last column of the table shows how many units of each material your country produces. You can read more about mines in the Construction help.


This table lists your built-up buildings, and the ones that are currently under construction.

Building: List of buildings available in the game. (Not just the ones you have!)
You have: How many you have of the given building type. Buildings under construction are not included in this number.
Percent value:This value shows how many percent the given building type occupies of your total area.
Numbered columns: The numbered columns represent the rounds left until the given buildings' construction finishes.

Bold blue numbers in the "Barren" row indicate aimed exploration. You can read more about this in the Exploration help.


Shows the current scientific values and the number of scrolls currently being written. The structure of the table is the same as above.


Shows what military units you have, what units are currently on training and when they will be ready. The structure of the table is the same as above.


Lists the portals you have opened, also indicating how long the portal stays open. If someone opens a portal on your country, that portal is not listed here, you can find out about it with the "Detect portals" spell.


Lists all spells that are currently active in your country, also indicating how long the spells last.


Every house, barrack, temple and inn can provide shelter for only a limited number of people, soldiers, mages and thieves. The table shows:

Where: The first column specifies which building type the numbers refer to.
Space: Total capacity of the given building.
Occupied: How much space is occupied.

Important! Barracks accommodate not only common soldiers, but all military units!

You can read more about houses, barracks, temples and inns in the Construction help.

Food consumption

The first row shows how much food your farms produce. Next, you see the amount of food you have in your stores, indicating how much food gets put in the stores, or how long the current supplies are likely to last. Total food is the result of these two values.

Next you see the actual consumption. 5 military units (including mages and thieves) and civilians consume 1 bushel each round.

Finally, the "TOTAL" row shows how much food you have total, whether it is enough and supplies are being refilled, or you need to get some extra food from somewhere because people are starving.


The bottom list shows where your troops are, attacking someone, helping someone, or helping someone attack. You can also see your allies' troops that are in your country helping to defend it.