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Here you can give commands to your people about what kind of buildings you would like to be built in your country. There are several buildings of various kinds, each for a different purpose. It is up to you to decide what buildings you need in your country.


Construction, Demolition


To construct a building, your people need raw materials, money and time. If you do not have enough of any of these, your people reject the work. The construction table (see below) lists how many raw materials are needed to construct a building.

Anther important factor is time. Generally your people need 18 rounds to construct a building. You can motivate your people to work overtime: If you pay double money for each building, the time of construction will be half of the normal one.

The need for raw materials and money changes during the country's life. The bigger your country is, the higher the costs and the raw materials needs are. If you lose territory because of an attack, the needs will decrease.

Raw materials are essential; you can obtain them in four ways:

You can build your mines here in the construction menu, too. But mines cannot be built anywhere: just on their specific quarries. The quarries you have, are listed at the bottom of the construction table (see below).

The need for raw materials is not constant. It increases with your country's size. This increase stops when your country's territory reaches 1000 acres. For example: Need for raw materials is the same at 1000 acres as at 5000 acres.

When your country's size gets bigger then 600 acres, or you level up from the 5th level, you must pay maintenance fee for your buildings. This is 10 gold coins in every round for each building.

If you have enough barren land, money and raw materials, you can build as many buildings as you like in one round. You can even construct and demolish at the same time.


There might come a time, when some of your buildings become unnecessary. You can demolish these needless buildings quickly. The demolition process is similar to the construction, but you do not need time and raw materials.

When you demolish a building, you can build another one in its place. Important! When you demolish a mine, you get barren land, not the original quarry! You can build normal buildings here, but not mines anymore! When you demolish a building or a mine, you do not get raw materials back. Important! If you want to build a normal building on a quarry, you must build up the mine first, demolish it, then build up the normal building.

Construction table

To help you navigate through the construction table, we explain in detail what each column is.

  1. Name of buildings.
  2. This is how many you have of this type of building.
  3. Number of buildings under construction.
  4. This is where you enter how many buildings of this type you would like to build.
  5. The number you see in parentheses is how many buildings of this type you can build at this moment (have enough materials, money and barren land for).
  6. This is where you enter how many buildings of this type you would like to demolish.
  7. Stone needed to build one building of this type.
  8. Wood needed to build one building of this type.
  9. Clay needed to build one building of this type.
  10. If you want to build overtime (buildings are constructed twice as fast), this is how many buildings you have money for (costs are double also).
  11. This is how many buildings you have money for, if you build them at normal speed.
  12. This is how many barren acres you have, also showing the number of quarries.
To give out the orders, simply fill in the table, and click the "Build/Demolish" button.

Buildings, Mines

Buildings only work when there are enough people to support them. 15 people work in each building, except for the market where 50 people work, and the houses which do not need anyone to work. If you do not have enough people:
  • You can increase your country's population,
  • You can set the order of importance of your buildings in the priority menu (see Priority help).
If a building does not have enough employees (15, 50), it will not work.


Mines can only be built on their special quarries. Every mine produces 7 units of their specific raw material. (This is different for some races.)

Wood-yard Produces wood, which is essential for construction. Its specific quarry is the forest. You can obtain forests by conquering or exploration.
Clay pit Produces clay for the constructions. You need a clay quarry to build it up. You can obtain clay quarries the same way as forests.
Stone mine Produces stone for the constructions. You need a stone quarry to build it up. You can obtain stone quarries by conquering or exploration.
Metal mine Produces metal for the smithies which make weapons from it. You need a metal quarry to build it up. You can obtain metal quarries the same way as forests.
Gem mine The Emperor needs gems to build up his palace. Every gem can be sold to him. (See Treasury help.) You need a gem quarry to built it up, which can be obtained the same way as forests.


Every country has a unique combination of chances for finding quarries. In most cases, there is one particular type of quarry that has a higher chance of being found than all others. When you level, the combination changes: you will have a higher chance for another quarry.

Other Buildings

Here you can read about the other buildings which are important in your country. Some produce food, some give accommodation for your people and army, or help defend your land etc.

House People can live on barren lands too, 8 on each acre. However, houses are where they feel comfortable. 50 people can live in each house. More people can live in one house if they are familiar with housing science. (See Science Help.) Important! If you do not build enough houses, your people will leave the country! Important! When your people are starving, public mood is bad, your country has a plague or there is a raging storm, immigration to your country will stop!
Barrack Provides accommodation for your army. 40 military units can live in each barrack, but if your people are familiar with housing science, this number can be higher. (See Science Help.) Important! If you do not build enough barracks, your soldiers will leave your country because of lack of proper accommodation.
Farm Produces food for your civilians and soldiers. One farm produces 50 bushels of grain in one round. 5 civilians or soldiers consume 1 bushel of grain in one round. Rate of the production also depends on: your race modifier, your people's familiarity with agricultural science and some magic attacks on your country.
Store This is where you store your food, weapons and raw materials. Capacity of the store:
Goods   Capacity of 1 store
Food 1000
Wood 300
Clay 300
Stone 300
Metal 300
Gems 300
Weapon 100

Important! If you do not build any stores, your produced raw materials can not be stored anywhere, so they will be lost. Do not forget: if your stores do not work, all your stored goods are lost!
Fort Helps defend your land. Working forts increase your country's defensive force with a certain percentage. This percentage is the double of what forts occupy of your total country, but cannot exceed 30%. This can be different for some races. When your country is being attacked, every fort gives shelter to 40 archers. (Housing science modifies this.) Defensive force of the archers double when they find shelter in a fort.
Temple Produces runes for spells, and gives accommodation for your mages. 10 runes are produced in each temple in a round. 100 mages live in a temple. This may be different for some races, and is also modified by your people's familiarity with housing science.
Hospital Cures your ill people, and increases immigration. If there is a hospital for every 300 people, immigration will be 1% higher. Hospitals play their main role in curing your people from a plague. See Plague help.
Market Plays a main role in the employment, because they employ 50 people in contrast to other buildings and mines, which only employ 15. Only employed people pay taxes, so it is useful to keep the employment rate high. Important! If the unemployment rate is high in your country, it has a bad influence on the public mood.
Smithy Makes weapons from metal. Every smithy which works properly, produces 3 weapons in each round. Each weapon needs 1 lump of metal. Weapons are essential to the training of your military units. If you do not have weapons, you can not train your soldiers. (See Military Help.) Every military units has their weapon needs:

Military unit   Weapons needed
Common soldier   1
Defender +1
Attacker +1
Archer +2
Horseman +2
Elite +3
Library Centre of the scientific life. Clerks write scientific scrolls here all day to accumulate knowledge. One library produces 100 scrolls in 20 rounds. (See Science Help.)
Inn Place for local revelry. Soldiers and workers come here to drink and have a good time; therefore inns increase both the public and the military mood. Inns also give accommodations to your thieves. 40 thieves can live in one inn. (Your people's familiarity with housing science modifies this.)
Bank Protects your gold against thievery attacks. Because of the great physical advantage, they cannot give protection against military pillage. Every bank protects 20 percent of your money as follows: If you have one bank, enemy thieves only access 80% of your money, this is all they can steal from. If you have a second bank, enemy thieves only access the 80% of the 80%, therefore they can only steal from 64% of all the money. In short, just multiply your money by 0.8 as many times as many banks you have. The result is what enemy thieves can steal from. For example:

Number of banks   Total money  Stealable money*
0 1.000.000 1.000.000
1 1.000.000 800.000
2 1.000.000 640.000
3 1.000.000 512.000
4 1.000.000 409.600
5 1.000.000 327.680
... ... ...
* This is not how much can be stolen with one action, but how much money is the base of all thievery actions. As if you had no banks, but only this much money.

If a half-elf steals from you, then the above table is a lot different! Half-elves are a very talented thief race, and they can steal through the protection of the banks a lot easier. Against a half-elf, banks only protect a maximum of 10% of your money. Maximum, because the protection is 10% only if the banks occupy at least 5% of your total area. The less area they occupy, the less protection each single bank gives against a half-elf.

Role of races in construction

Remember, your chosen race also plays a role in construction. It can alter the cost, construction time, and/or need for raw materials. See Races help.

Role of personalities in construction

Remember, your chosen personality also plays a role in construction. It can alter the cost, construction time, and/or need for raw materials. It may even give you some materials back after demolishing buildings. See Personality help.