VIP help

Installing the certificate

The personal certificate identifies your browser, which adds another layer of security over the username and password combination. You can restrict certain actions, or even login to your own computer. This means that even is someone knows your username and password combination, they can still not log in from anywhere else but your computer.

Installing the certificate is optional, and we only recommend it to people who are really afraid that their country might fall into the wrong hands. Of course, it is only of use if the computer in question is at a safe location, for example other people cannot access it at home.

Requesting a personal certificate

The certificate is unique to every person, so it has to be seperately requested. At the moment, only administrators and moderators of the game get a certificate, since only their functions are restricted. In the future, we plan to offer such service to a wider range of countries.

Installing the certificate

Internet Explorer
From the Tools menu, choose Internet settings, then go to the Contents tab, and click on the "Certificates..." button. Choose the "Personal" tab, and click "Import..." Follow the instructions, and use the certificate you got from us. When the importing is ready, you need to restart the browser.

From the Tools menu, choose Options, then Advanced. Open the "Certificates" area, and click on "Manage Certificates...". Under the "Your Certificates" tab, click Import, and use the certificate you got from us. When ready, you need to restart the browser.


As everything else that you store on the computer, the certificate can be stolen, too, if you store it at a location that is accessible to others. In such a case, someone could install it on their computer, and if your username and password combination is known, can log in to the game. This does not provide 100% safety, nothing can. However, with this, almost banking-level security, the possibilities for breaking into your country are minimized.