VIP help


VIP countries (see VIP help) have a caravan in the game that can be used to send gold, food and raw materials to their allies.

Sending a caravan

Choose one of your allies you wish to send the caravan to. Next to the ally's name you see how many rounds far the caravan has to go. This distance is the same you see in the score table.
Select what you want to send. You can send raw materials, food, gold, runes; maximum as many as you have. If you buy them from the market their quantity can be more than your store capacity.
When you have chosen, and find everything correct, click on the send button.

The caravan's journey and arrival

The caravan can not be robbed on its way. Because of bad road conditions however, a part of your goods get lost (5% is lost in every round). So the further the caravan goes, the more goods are lost.
The caravan always arrives after the change of rounds, therefore when you send more goods than your ally's store capacity, your ally has one round to build buildings, train soldiers or sell the surplus. After the next change of rounds, goods that cannot be stored get lost.
When the caravan arrives, it turns back home at once. Its way home takes as much time as it took for it to arrive to your ally's country. You have only one caravan so you can only send a new caravan when it arrives home.


Caravans can only be sent by VIP countries. The destination also needs to be a VIP country. Non-VIP countries are not shown when selecting who you wish to send the caravan to.
The caravan cannot be sent anywhere in the first 3 rounds of each level.