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Alliances Sometimes you need help to defend your country or attack an opponent. An alliance offers a good solution for this cooperation. You can join an alliance or set up a new one.


Alliance system

In the game you can decide if you want to join an alliance or remain lonely. If you decide to be a Lone Wolf, you cannot ask for help from anyone to defend or attack, but the Emperor, seeing your courage, sends you helping troops. (For details, see the "Lone Wolf" section below.) If you change your mind, you can change your status anytime. (When you change your status to "Lone Wolf", you must stay like that for at least 72 rounds.)


Alliances can have up to 4 members. If you decide to play in an alliance, there are two roles which you can choose from: Leader or Member.
Leader Cannot send an alliance offer to anyone, but can decide whose offer will be accepted.
Member Can send an alliance offer to an existing alliance's leader who can accept or reject this offer.

Once you join an alliance with another country, you cannot leave it in the next 72 rounds.

In this menu, you can set how many percent of your army you offer to your allies to defend themselves, or to attack another country. This value must be between 0-50% for each army unit. (Do not forget to read the War help about how the actual attacks take place!)

Every alliance has a private forum where only the alliance's members can write. The leader can delete the content of this forum at any time.

Mutual help is the base of every alliance. Every country can help its allies at war and by sharing information and science.
Attack When you attack another country you can ask your allies to go along. In this case they contribute to your troops, resulting in more units than you alone would normally be able to send. Size of these troops depend on what percentage of their army your allies offer you. (Keep in mind: if you take your allies along to attack, the distance between you and your opponent may change because of the distance between your opponent and your allies!)
Defense When you see enemy troops marching towards you, you can ask for help from your allies. Remember, it takes time for the helping troops to arrive. This time depends on the distance between you and your allies. If you want to ask for help from your allies, you can do it from the War menu. There you can set who you want to help you and how many rounds their troops should stay in your country. (See: War help) Do not forget: do not ask for help without any reason, because by asking for units, you are weakening your allies' countries!

IMPORTANT! When asking for help to attack or defend, there is an important rule: you can send maximum half of each unit which your ally has. For example: If you have 1000 archers, but your ally has only 300, you can send only 150 instead of 500. If your ally has no archers, you cannot send any.

IMPORTANT! If anyone from the alliance is on vacation (vacation mode has been set in the country) or under protection, no help can be asked from that country. Depending on the number of countries on vacation/under protection from the allience, the remaining countries receive a defense bonus. If 1 country is on vacation/under protection, the remaining 3 countries each receive a 10% bonus against military attacks. If 2 countries are on vacation/under protection, the remaining 2 countries each receive a 20% bonus against military attacks. If 3 countries are on vacation/under protection, the remaining country receives a 30% bonus against military attacks. This bonus only applies when the country is attacked by troops, it gives no bonus against magic or thievery. It also does not give any bonus when you decide to attack someone. (Remember: the 40% bonus for the Lone Wolves (see below) applies for both defense and attack!)

Science When writing scientific scrolls, every country's clerks will copy 10% of them for the allies. Every ally will get these automatically.

Leaving the alliance

Every country has the opportunity to leave the alliance, even the leader. If you decide to leave the alliance, you must brake up with the leader. If you are the leader, you must brake up with every member of your alliance. After signalling the brake-up, you will still stay in the alliance for the next 24 rounds.
When you have left the alliance, but still have helping troops at your former ally, they will stay there for as many rounds as they were asked for, then will go back to your country.

Lone Wolves Some countries may want to play alone, thus stay in Lone Wolf status. These countries would normally be at a disadvantage, because allies can help each other and Lone Wolves do not have this opportunity.
However, the Emperor respects the Lonely Wolves' courage, so he compensates this disadvantage by giving them +40% bonus to every army unit, and +10% bonus to thieves. (The actual number of units do not change, but they will be stronger. This bonus is given automatically, you do not need to ask for it.)
The Emperor only gives you help when your status is "Lone Wolf". If you do not have any members, but your alliance status is "member" or "leader", you will not get any bonuses.
If you change your alliance status to "Lone Wolf", you cannot change it again in the next 72 rounds.

For VIP members... Our VIP members can send each other money, raw materials and food with the help of the alliance caravan.

More information about the advantages of VIP membership can be found in the VIP help.