VIP help


Everybody can get in difficult situations: get robbed, lose lots of land, or even lose an important ally at a critical moment.

To help overcome such situations, every country has a certain amount of aid, starting from 1.000.000 gold. You can only access this money after 2 weeks in each group. You get 1.000.000 additional gold on every level and if you did not use it, you bring the remaining money to the next level with you. What you use this money for is completely up to you, we suggest you only touch it in real emergencies.

The amount of the aid is made up of two parts. 1: the "base", to which you receive the additional 1 million gold for every level (and the bonus money for VIP members, see below). When you level to the 5th level from the 1st or 2nd level, you take the amount of this part with you. 2: the "savings", which you can add to by donating to your people (see Finance help). When you level to the 5th level from the 1st or 2nd level, you LOSE this part of the aid.

When you take money from the aid, the "savings" part gets used up first.

For VIP members
Our VIP members automatically get the bonus money (see: Bonus help) within the game whenever they first log in on a given day. Moreover, the bonus money also gets added to their Aid.

You can read more about the benefits of VIP membership in the VIP help.